Northeast Ohio Contra Dance Utopia

Here you can find information about contra dancing in the Northeast Ohio area!

Dances in May & June

Please visit the full schedule page for more details on any of these dances. Contra dances are indicated like this, and all other dances are indicated like this.

May Calendar

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So, what is contra dancing?

Contra dancing is a friendly and social form of folk dancing, with roots in English and French traditions that blossomed in New England settings. Dances are already choreographed, with a person both teaching and calling the sequence of figures used for the dance. The figures are mainly danced at a walking pace to live music. For a given song you'll be staying with one partner, but the figures also involve dancing with other people in two lines; you and your partner will be dancing with a different couple each time you progress through the figures of the dance. You will find many partners over the course of an event, and they will find you. In a contra dance the caller, the band, and everyone in your lines are working together to have fun, to create something beautiful and satisfying, and to share joy with one another.

Monthly dance locations

Many dances are held in regular locations at regular times each month. Here's a summary of when and where you can join these dances. See the "Regular dances" page for more details, including addresses and prices, and check here and with dancers for updates about exceptions to this general dance rhythm.

First and third Wednesdays

Cleveland (at St. Pat's Church): lesson at 7pm, dance starts at 7:30pm

First Saturdays

Second and fourth Tuesdays (new day and venue!)

Cuyahoga Falls (at the Quirk Cultural Center): lesson at 7pm, dance starts at 8pm

Second and third Saturdays

Cleveland Heights (at St. Ann's Church): lesson at 7:30pm, dance starts at 8pm

Third Tuesdays

Chagrin Falls (at the Chagrin Falls Township Hall): lesson at 7:30pm, dance starts at 8pm

Fourth Saturdays (new venue!)

Kent (at Trinity Lutheran Church): lesson at 7pm, dance starts at 8pm

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